How are the Slimming Undershirts for Men Better than Other Types?

Fashion has really evolved. Think about a body image issue or weakness you want to hide from the world, and the fashion industry has a product that helps you do just that. well, in case you have been worrying about the effects of the fewer than enough visits to the gym being seen at the office, the slimming undershirts for men have been invented just for you. These are like the regular undershirts, only that they are modified to hide the love hurdles or the few extra pounds. Here is what you need to know about this creation.

The material used to make them

In order to achieve the purpose, the shirt would have to be made of the most sensible material of combination of materials. These garments are made using a blend between the natural cotton or linen fibers and something artificial and elastic like Lycra. This means that by the end of the day, you are getting the firmness and the comfort that comes from the natural fiber, and the elastic fitting that comes from the artificial.

The design

Most of these garments are made using the lift and tuck design. This means that they will lift all the areas of your body that are sagging, give them form and then tuck them in. The last result is a very lean and attractive mid section. All the excess flab is hidden from the dress shirt and you can spend the day feeling lean, fit and comfortable.

Stay tucked reinforcement

Everyone knows that another major challenge that faces people who have gained a few extra pounds is the underclothes getting untacked and riding up the back and torso. This bunched up fabric makes one look even bigger and less in control of their weight. The slimming undershirts for men are made in such a way that they do not get untacked or fold upwards creating false extra weight. They cling to the body the entire day and can only be removed by you.

Good Undershirts

Versatility of style

The design of the slim fit undershirt falls under several categories. These include:

  • The V-neck
  • The crew-neck
  • The tank-top
  • The compression shirts

All these are supposed to work within your different needs of the shirts. For instance, the V-necked version works best with an unbuttoned collar. On the other hand, the crew neck is perfect for a buttoned up shirt and a tie. If you need extra protection around the armpits, especially for people that sweat a lot, the tank top is ideal. You  Can Learn More ABout Undershirts  On:

These are the reasons to pick the slimming undershirts for men as opposed to the other types. As long as you learn the best brands and always shop from them, you will be looking lean and smart all the time.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Taking Care Of Quality Undershirts

There are many men who invest their money in buying quality undershirts but ruin them before their stipulated period of service. In case you have been suffering from this, you could have thought that the problem is the brand. However, most of the times, the problem lies in the way that the garments are being taken care of as opposed to the brand and the quality. Here are a few of the rules that should always be followed when caring for these garments.


You should only wash the garment if the care label says that it can be washed. On the other hand, if the care label says that the fabric should not be washed using the washing machine or that it should be dry cleaned, you need to take the garments to the experts for cleaning. Wrong washing methods lead to loss of elasticity, stretching, shrinking and many other problems.

Another issue that is connected to washing is the temperature of the water that you will use for the process. The natural fibers have the advantage of being able to withstand high temperatures. The artificial fibers on the other hand do not do so well when it comes to being soaked in high temperature waters. It is wiser to avoid hot water altogether as it causes creasing and shrinking.


If your quality undershirts are made of materials that are a blend between cotton and the artificial, it would be best to use a warm to cool iron if and when you have to iron them. High temperatures will lead to the fabric being picked up by the iron, ruining the garment. Another tip that can help you avoid the ironing altogether is finishing the rinse and dry cycle in the dryer to avoid the development of stubborn creases.

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Stain removal

The sweat from around the armpit area and between the shoulder blades is one of the biggest issues for men that wear them. In a bid to get rid of the stains, some try to bleach the white, and even some colored fabrics. Before you use bleach on any garment, you need to ensure that it is allowed. If it is not; the bleach may cause some ugly discolorations and even tear holes into the fabric, ruining the garment altogether.

Hand washing

In case it has been recommended that you hand wash a garment, it is important to make sure that you follow the correct process. To some garments, rubbing the fabric ruins or stretches it. It is better to soak in a soap solution and allow for the detergent to work and then use gentle kneading or squeezing motions to get rid of whatever dirt stubbornly refuses going away. When in doubt about what to do to your inner wear, consult an expert.

Guidelines On Choosing Good Undershirts

The comfort you experience when carrying out your day to day activities largely depends on the quality of the innerwear you invest in. If you belong to the group of people that believe that what cannot be seen doesn’t matter as much, then you are no stranger to itchy sweatiness and even heat rashes. On the other hand, if you like feeling cool and comfortable all day long, then you know the importance of getting good undershirts for all occasions. The biggest question is what makes the perfect undershirt? Here are a few guidelines that will help you make the choice.

The material

There are several qualities that you should look for in the material of the undershirt that you buy:

  • Absorbency: the ideal material should be able to absorb all the moisture and sweat throughout the day, leaving you cool and comfortable. When looking at materials, go for cotton and blends that have cotton because this is assured absorbency.
  • The thickness: When choosing an undershirt, you do not want a garment that is so thick that you are going to start looking buggy over the shirt. Pick the garments that are ultra thin.
  • The care instructions: Look for the fabrics that are easy to deal with when it comes to laundry and related care.

The color

Another important factor to look into is the color of the clothing that you are buying. The shirts come in a variety of colors and shades and the choice depends on you. However, the following tips will help you choose colors better:

  • If you are a fan of cool colored shirts, you can experiment with boringly colored undershirts because they aren’t likely to show through.
  • If you have shirts in colors like sky blue, white and cream, choose darker colored inner clothes such as light grey. These blend in better than the white and the brightly colored. Nothing is more unbecoming than an outline of the undershirt showing on top of the main shirt that you are wearing.
  • There are nude shades of inner garments for people that like being as subtle as possible about their inner wear. What you do is pick a color that is closest to your skin tone and since there will be no contrast between the garment and your skin, no one will tell whether you are wearing one or not.

The cost

The simple rule of shopping for good undershirts is that they come at a cost. This means that the more costly a brand is, there is a probability that it is better in quality. Save up some money and invest in some good quality undershirts because when you do, they will serve you for a long period of time without getting ruined. This is much better than buying cheap knock offs, suffering discomfort and having to buy new ones every now and then.